A generation or two ago, simply being a dentist was a virtual guarantee of success. Outside the most densely populated cities, there was little competition and patients routinely chose the closest practice to patronize. A couple of key factors have changed and simply hanging a shingle is no longer enough for most dentists to succeed. 

First, people have changed the way they choose a dentist. Where before they simply headed to the nearest practice, now they head straight to the internet. A dentist without reviews, a website, an internet presence, will find many would be patients heading to the competition. That competition is the second major change. Colleges are graduating thousands of new dentists each year. Each of these graduates will likely be in direct competition with existing practices for decades. A dentist in today's market must advertise. Of course, that's what advertising agencies are for, right?

Actually, the vast majority of existing advertising agencies operate in a manner that is terribly inefficient for the medical field. They tend to immediately choose the most expensive and least effective methods of publicizing their clients simply because these methods are what the field has always used. In a competitive field that grows more competitive every day, dentists simply can not afford to throw money away on inefficient advertising. With traditional advertising firms out, what is the solution? Dental Marketing Mavens. 

Here at Dental Marketing Mavens, we specialize in using a multifaceted advertising approach that spreads awareness of our clients to the widest pool of would be patients at the lowest cost. Our process establishes a powerful online presence for our clients and ensures that the money spent on advertising creates the largest return possible. By using methods that both attract new patients and help retain existing patients, Dental Marketing Mavens frees our clients from all the niggling advertising details and allows them to concentrate on what they are best at - taking care of the oral health of patients.

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